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    HSG ANH 8 (2019-2020)

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    Nguồn: Sưu tầm
    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thiên Hương (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 15h:01' 06-06-2021
    Dung lượng: 133.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 12
    Số lượt thích: 0 người

    (Đề gồm 07 trang)
    ĐỀ THI MÔN: Tiếng Anh
    Thời gian: 150 phút (Không kể thời gian giao đề)
    PART A: LISTENING (15 pts)
    Question I. Listen and fill in each blank. (5 pts)
    In many parts of the United States, large areas of (1)............... have been made into national parks to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the land. National parks usually contain a variety of scenic features, such as mountains, caves, lakes, rare animals and plants. Today, there are 52 national parks in the United States, covering approximately 3 per cent of the total land area of the country. National parks are open to the public and have million of (2).................. every year.
    Many national parks, however, are in danger of being (3)................. Rare animals in national parks are killed or hunted for fur, skin or other parts. Trees are cut down for wood. Large areas of national parks also experience devastating fires caused by careless people. The increasing number of visitors is harming the parks due to the (4)................ from their vehicles.
    If these (5)................... are not solved immediately, and if there is not enough money for the parks’ staff and maintenance of their resources, many national parks will be completely destroyed.
    Question II. Listen to Tyrone calling the staff at his local swimming pool. Decide if each sentence is T (True) or F ( False) . (5 pts)

    6.There are four different age groups that play water polo.
    7. Tyrone wants to join the under 14s club.
    8. The under 16s water polo team train three times a week.
    9. Water polo matches are played on Saturdays.
    10. Training for the water polo team starts this week.
    Question III. Listen to Sue talking to her friend, Jim, about a new sports center. For questions 11 – 15, choose A, B, C or D. You will hear the conversation twice. (5pts)
    11. Which bus goes to the sports center?
    15 B. 18 C. 25
    12. From Monday to Saturday, the sports center is open from……..
    6 a.m B. 7 a.m C. 9 a.m
    13. If Sue goes swimming, she must take ………
    Soap B. a swimming hat C. a towel
    14. At the sports center, you can buy………
    sandwiches B. fruit C. drinks
    15. Jim and Sue are going to the sports center next……….
    Wednesday B. Thursday C. Saturday
    PART B: PHONETICS ( 5 pts )
    Question I: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. (3 points)
    A. precious
    B. preparation
    C. pretty
    D. repetition
    A. architect
    B. mechanic
    C. choir
    D. parachute
    B. cracker
    C. bracelet
    D. tractor
    Question II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is placed differently from the others. (2 points)
    A. prediction
    B. compulsory
    C. intelligent
    D. judgement
    A. abroad
    B. visit
    C. prefer
    D. happen
    PART C: LEXICAL & GRAMMAR ( 30 pts)
    Question I. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (10 pts)
    21. You need more exercise, so you should .................... basketball .
    A. carry out
    B. take in
     C. turn up
    D. take up
    22. Don’t set off firework too closely to your home, .....................?.
    do you
    don’t you
     C. will you
    D. won’t you
    23. A man is walking to me. ...................man is carrying ................ parcel.
    A. A / the
    B. The / a
     C. Ø / the
    D. The / Ø
    24. Million of people have ..................with virus SARS COVID 2 in over six months.
    A.   gone up
    B. got down  
    C. gone down         
    D. suffered
    25. My father .................work late tonight. His boss ordered him to stay until 10
    A. must
     B. have to
    C. has to
    D. should
    26. ...................workers were sent to the area immediately but no villagers survived when the landslide happened
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