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    100 Word Formation Questions-English 9

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    Nguồn: Sưu tầm
    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thiên Hương (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 22h:53' 16-08-2018
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    1. Buckingham Palace is a major tourist ____________. (ATTRACT)
    2. The ____________ of the letter is beyond doubt. (AUTHENTICATE)
    3. The plates are painted by our finest ____________. (CRAFT)
    4. It was a beautiful piece of ____________. (EMBROIDER)
    5. The council has placed a ____________ order on the building. (PRESERVE)
    6. If he forgot to pay his rent, his landlady would send him a ____________. (REMIND)
    7. The organization runs a stress-management ____________. (WORK)
    8. What is the most ____________ method of contraception? (RELY)
    9. He was drawn to the ____________ glamour and excitement of Paris. (METROPOLIS)
    10. Britain is increasingly a ____________ society. (CULTURE)
    11. This ____________ of tomato is particularly good and is resistant to disease. (VARY)
    12. The train was so ____________ that I couldn`t find a seat. (PACK)
    13. The UK is a highly ____________ country. (URBAN)
    14. The use of cameras in this museum is strictly ____________. (FORBID)
    15. I work ____________, but I live in the suburbs. (TOWN)
    16. He found himself approaching a forest of ____________. (SKY)
    17. Metal is a good ____________ of heat. (CONDUCT)
    18. He fought the illness with courage and ____________. (DETERMINE)
    19. All the ____________ are that she will make a full recovery. (INDICATE)
    20. In the Southwest the relics of the cliff ____________ are abundant. (DWELL)
    21. We received a ____________ answer to our request. (NEGATE)
    22. People in England legally reach ____________ at 18. (ADULT)
    23. The noise outside made ____________ difficult. (CONCENTRATE)
    24. He is very ____________ about his work as it is very tough. (CONFIDENT)
    25. He seemed a bit ____________ about his work situation. (DEPRESS)
    26. She couldn`t stand the ____________ of not being able to help. (FRUSTRATE)
    27. Cuba gained ____________ from Spain in 1898. (DEPEND)
    28. Fishing is his favorite____________. (RELAX)
    29. She gave me a ____________ look. (WORRY)
    30. This approach can help identify common ____________ and their causes. (BEHAVE)
    31. This film is good family ____________. (ENTERTAIN)
    32. The maintenance ____________ is situated behind the main offices. (FACILITATE)
    33. The ____________ rate on the island is still unacceptably high. (LITERATE)
    34. Their names were called over the ____________. (SPEAK)
    35. He works for us on an ____________ basis. (OCCASION)
    36. Peter gets special ____________ because he knows the boss. (TREAT)
    37. Hard-liners are expected to be purged from the ____________. (ADMINISTRATE)
    38. Two main candidates are emerging as ____________ for the presidency. (CONTEST)
    39. The test is based on the ____________ of blood levels. (MEASURE)
    40. The town itself is not especially ____________. (PICTURE)
    41. She gave me a faint smile of ____________. (RECOGNIZE)
    42. This would be the perfect ____________ for a wedding. (SET)
    43. Hundreds of houses in the typhoon`s path suffered ____________ damage. (STRUCTURE)
    44. He`s got a really ____________ laugh. (ANNOY)
    45. They looked ____________ when I announced I was pregnant. (ASTONISH)
    46. We acted in a spirit of ____________. (COOPERATE)
    47. Japan is a major ____________ of cars. (EXPORT)
    48. Plant growth is most ____________ in spring and early summer. (NOTICE)
    49. The explosion produced an excavation measuring fully a ____________ yard. (CUBE)
    50. This dish serves 4–6 people as a ____________. (START)
    51. She is a designer of extraordinary ____________. (VERSATILE)
    52. The view from the top of the mountain is ____________. (BREATH)
    53. There seems to be some ____________ over who is actually giving the talk. (CONFUSE)
    54. The survey reveals a gradual ____________ of the president`s popularity and support. (ERODE)
    55. Magellan was a famous 16th-century ____________. (EXPLORE)
    56. Is your name ____________? (HYPHEN)
    57. The ____________ guards stormed the palace. (EMPEROR)
    58. Some of the houses on the hillside are ____________ to cars. (ACCESS)
    59. The view from the top of the mountain is ____________. (MAGNIFICENCE)
    60. Her resignation has improved my chances of ____________. (PROMOTE)
    61. He led a full and ____________ life. (VARY)
    62. She works as a ____________ secretary for an insurance company. (LANGUAGE)
    63. She seems to have spent all her life studying in educational ____________. (ESTABLISH)
    64. As the economy develops, it will continue to ____________. (GLOBAL)
    65. Computers
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